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The San Luis Valley in Colorado is a mysterious and isolated place. Ringed by mountains on all sides, the average elevation of the Valley floor is about 7,500 feet above sea level. The air may be thin but the population is even thinner. With only about 55,000 people spread throughout roughly 8,000 square miles, the cold dry air, the mountains, and the isolation create a geography that is among the most unique in the world.

Perhaps by virtue of its isolation, the original native inhabitants called it the "Dream Corridor" due to its dramatic beauty, unpredictable temperature swings, and the vast desolate expanses.

To this day, the mystics still abound. Buddhist temples, hippy communes, and Catholicism imported from the Conquistadors themselves, add some cultural spice to an already obscure place.  

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San Luis Valley Towns

Creede, Colorado
Del Norte, Colorado

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San Luis Valley Attractions

Great Sand Dunes

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Stations of the Cross, San Luis

San Luis Valley

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